Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.11.01 at 12:52 hrs

Weekly Report No 53, CW 44

From Monday, 29.10.2001 to Sunday, 04.11.2001

An exciting week passed. The prearrangements for the Hamburg Modelling Fair (during these days in the next two weeks, we have special opening hours!!!!) are in full blaze and the anticipated massive visitor rush of last week was also swiftly delt with (we had school holidays). Those, who didn't want to come last week because of the long waiting line at our front door can be recommended to come this week - we don't expect long waiting times...

The plans of the new section

A lot of work is needed before subroadbeds and risers can be cut out. First, the exact elevations of the subroadbeds on the risers have to determined and noted in the plan before the resulting rough landscape can be transferred to the risers. Already this week, the first cuts will be made.

The kid's corner with small and tall visitors

During the school holiday, there was of course also a lot of action in the play corner - From today (Monday, 5.11.) on, it is a lot quiter and the visitor has lots of time to indulge the layout. And Yes, no more waiting times => the best time to visit!

Layout visitors

This close is the layout - and even in spite of the small distance between railing and layout, thefts don't happen too often although.... the couple and the Peeping Tom below the Hermann memorial "somehow" disappeared.

Some free space over here!!!!

A rather unusual look these days: 3 meters ( 9.8 feet ) of free railing.