Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

29.10.01 at 12:54 hrs

Weekly Report No 52, CW 43

From Monday, 22.10.2001 to Sunday, 28.10.2001

In spite of speculations in our forum, (the truth is: I only have the pictures since a couple of hours), here is another report from the "front line";. Those thinking that the map of section 2 is finally online, have to be disappointed again - only 2/3 of the plans are ready to print ( and also plotted 1:1, as shown in pic. 3).

But there are also good news: We currently work on a solution for you to upload your pictures onto our website and give you a chance to vote for the "picture of the month".

Behind this door, the dream goes on!!!

The action is behind these doors... Weekdays, you can actually watch us working on the layout... BTW: the serves as dust protection.

Track plans

Here they are - secret plans of the Wunderland showing the visible part of the new section. Easy to recognize: The central station area which has an engine facility added to its eastern (left half of the picture) end. In the background, a large classification yard will be added and from the many different colors one can already guess how many will be able to run here....

Risers for the next section

First, the 1:1 plans are laid out and tacked to the base plates for subroadbeds and roads in order to transfer the outlines from paper to wood.

A second staging yard has been finished

A second staging yard has been finished.

Steel for the layout

The locksmiths finished working with steel. These are the railing posts for section 2.

Watering the layout???

I wonder wether this cute young lady just waters the lawn?

The tram layout

The tram layout is also almost back to show condition. Now the electronics take over to re-wire lanterns and houses.

The tram layout

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