Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

22.10.01 at 12:57 hrs

Weekly Report No 51, CW 42

From Monday, 15.10.2001 to Sunday, 21.10.2001

Well, here finally are the promised pictures of the first staging yard. meanwhile, the tension can almost be felt rising - we can hardly bear the waiting time for the new plans. Hans-Wilhelm already works at the 2nd staging yard which has a special shape (to be shown next week)...

Construction of a staging yard

Right in the middle of section2 we still have a lot of space to build the staging yards.

Construction of a staging yard

We use exclusively Märklin K-track and large turnouts to make it easier to run on the long carriages.

Construction of a staging yard

At least, the longest possible train could have a length of 7.50 meters ( 24.60 feet ) without causing problems. The question, if such a long vehicle will ever roam our tracks, still remains, though...

Cat restores the old tram layout

Apart from building new things, we also started to restore an old (from the 50's) and beautiful tram layout. This restauration work can also be watched daily (at least during this week).