Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

15.10.01 at 12:59 hrs

Weekly Report No 50, CW 41

From Monday, 08.10.2001 to Sunday, 14.10.2001

Staging yards can be built already since the track planning phase is closed, last planning jobs for house, etc. are still be done. As soon as all plans are ready, they will be 1:1 plotted and woodworking may start.

Well, the first staging yard is almost finished (pictures will be available next week), and so we can set out to a trip through the Wunderland at night.

A small side note (there was a bit of confusion in the forum): 50.week means that we started building 50 weeks ago and 41/2001 means that we are noe in calender week 41, 2001....

Farmer's market in Knuffingen

The farmer's market in Knuffingen tends to be neglected because the fire engines always distract the viewer from it.

Lake Julius at night

Lake Julius at night - Thanks to it's new lights, the train ferry now is allowed to travel during night time...

The ' Boutique M ' at night

The "Boutique M" again has an exceptionally neat decorated window: The summer collection from Paris is an abolute eye catcher...

Knuffingen's streets at night

A hint for speeders: There's a speed trap at this corner! From 17cms / sec ( 6.692 inch/s ) on, the police doesn't know any pardon and cashes in from the drivers of the Car System....

'Bad Klosterberg' station

Due to the nearby fun fair, Bad Klosterberg station sees a lot of action during the night, too.

Mountain Rescue Service above Lake 'Blausee'

The Mountain Rescue Service and their helicopter above Lake 'Blausee' are on standby 24 hours a day.