Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

15.10.01 at 13:59 hrs

Weekly Report No 50-1, CW 41

50th week: Photo Extra

Slowly, the work in section 2 starts but until we have the first pictures, we offer you a couple of "tidbits"....

Knuffingen tower

The tower at Knuffingen. Since a couple of days, a camera looking to the mountains delivers live pictures from here to a monitor (Correct... a monitor in our rooms and not the web :-) ).

Rural life....

Special view

The river Weile seen from a perspective that normally only our technicians can indulge ( if they have the time )...

Railroad romance with all it's power!

Railroad romance with all it's power!

Mountain main line

A "Rolling highway" battles the grade on the double track mountain main line.