Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

01.10.01 at 13:03 hrs

Weekly Report No 48, CW 39

From Monday, 24.09.2001 to Sunday, 30.09.2001

Yipiehhh - a new portion of photos is here ;-) Enjoy the first part....

Night in St. Wendel

It's night in St. Wendel when the calm scene is shattered by the rumble of the approaching freight train. A double header of power-throbbing "Crocodiles" haul their heavy load through St. Wendel station in direction Helix Mountain...

The fun fair at nicht

The yearly large fun fair - as in every year - attracts many visitors who arrive by bus from "Bad Klosterberg" station.

Party boat on Lake Julius

Apart from the cafe at the banks of Lake Julius, the party boat is one of the most visited atrractions of this region. A lot less popularity is noted for the nearby jail. Rumour has it that security there is not as tight as it should be....

Knuffingen main station

There's always a lot of action in Knuffingen main station. Here, the dedicated ICE line to Bad Klosterberg starts.

Kirchbach at Lake 'Blausee'

In Kirchbach at lake 'Blausee', located below Helix Mountain, the temperatures already reached summer-level although further up near the summit, skiers still plough through (partly artificial?) snow fields...

Concrete bridge with ICE

The ICE darts over this huge concrete bridge spanning the town of "Schwarzburg" (Blackcastle) and the river "Weile" while the campers way down in the valley relax at the river banks.