Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

17.09.01 at 13:07 hrs

Weekly Report No 46, CW 37

From Monday, 10.09.2001 to Sunday, 16.09.2001

Ok, no photos yet (I hope that Erhard brings them in until noon tomorow...) but a few things happened:

We thoroughly cleaned up section 2 and now one clearly recognize the future shape of section 2.

In addition, the development story can be foloowed up in word and picture in our exhibition room from this weekend on. There won't be any new information for the attentive reader though, because it is moer or less an excerpt of the development time line pinned to the whiteboards...

The history of the Wunderland on the whiteboards

The glass cabinet in the background accomodates thousands of different fire fighter vehicles from many countries and different eras, all in H0 - scale. Brilliant!

The history of the Wunderland on the whiteboards

For all those not connected to the internet, we documented the building history of the layout on the whiteboards (not as detailed as here, but the core information can be found).

Section 2 is ready for take-off

Section 2 is ready for take-off - some fine tuning is still applied to the plans but very soon, we will kick this section off! The good news: Weekdays, we will build right under the eyes of our visitors so this room will always be open during weekdays....