Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

10.09.01 at 13:09 hrs

Weekly Report No 45, CW 36

From Monday, 03.09.2001 to Sunday, 09.09.2001

For next Monday, another professional photo session is scheduled, so it will take a couple of days until we can offer you another photo-special (keep in mind that pictures have to be developed and scanned!). However, one teaser is still left for this week: The outline of section 2 is confirmed! An update of the trackplans will supposedly follow on Wednesday....

From today, we have another special service: Under Visit you can find a table with expected waiting times. We hope that publishing this information will help us to reduce waiting lines.

Freddy is miles away...

Freddy is miles away...... Why doesn't the ski lift work? Last night, Carsten and Stephan did.... Programming the pushbuttons requires absolute correct documentation of connections (in this case, two pins were swapped and consequently, the adress was slightly different... Sorry, Freddy ;-)

SAT 1 in action

SAT 1 in action. This time, it was a report during normal hours for breakfast TV.

'Rolling Highway' tackling the mountains

'Rolling Highway' tackling the mountains. A great view, only to be topped by the original ;-)