Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

06.08.01 at 13:22 hrs

Weekly Report No 40, CW 31

From Monday, 30.07.2001 to Sunday, 05.08.2001

Hmmm, do we have to lynch our photographer now??? Unbelievable, but the promised picture of the helix mountain's rear side has still not arrived. On the other hand, there are a lot of speculations concerning this topic in our forum. Although.... well, if you look a bit closer than on one picture, one can....

The railing of the layout

To pick up again the already discussed topic "railings", this picture seems to be the best one. It shows the front of section 1.1. - The upper wooden handrail and the lower footstep are still missing, the latter enabling our little guests to also have a clear view of the layout. The railing is only 40 cms ( 1.31 feet ) away from the layout fascia and, as already mentioned, there won't be any further viewing restrictions.

Water in the layout?

Meanwhile, many places in the layout are wet.

Water scenery

Holy cow!!! According to WPA (Wunderland Press Agency), multiple sightings of a non-classified animal have been reported. Several hikers alleged that they saw a giant snake in a lake. Which is, of course, sheer nonsense since every kid knows that such "monsters" don't exist....

Alpine ski slopes

The ski slopes invite to swish down the hills. It's only a question of hours until the first snow fans will leave their traces in the snow. Kudos to the tourism association who even use snow canons to provide perfect slopes right down into the valley as late as April.

Romantic lake bank

Romantic lake bank.

Romantic lake bank

Hopefully, it stays like this. Not far from here, some special "kind of birds" moved in...

The jailhouse

Punishment a reward? If you look a bit closer, you can see the watch tower on the left bank. We can't imagine a nicer place for a jail than this one at the bottom of the viaduct. The director assured us, however, that by looking at the high security walls every day, his "jailbirds" don't really think, they're on a vacation....

The Olympic arena

Chaos still rules in the olympic area. One could almost think, the games will be next year but there are only a couple of days left to the deadline. Comment of the architect in charge: "Absolutely no problem. If it comes to the worst, we work 3 shifts...."

Bridge construction with Kalli and Gaston

This structure was also finished in time. It is, however, difficult for me to comment this extra-ordinary structure. The bridge has been conforms to static rules and was scratch built from brass.... I'm simply speechless... maybe Kalli will tell us the technical data one day? ... Well, and what is this? If you look inbetween Kalli and Gaston, it can be seen: This area in the slope will be covered by a glas pane this week and so enable the visitor to comfortably watch the trains travel up and down the 11-turn helix: Well guessed, Flo! ;-)