Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

30.07.01 at 13:24 hrs

Weekly Report No 39, CW 30

From Monday, 23.07.2001 to Sunday, 29.07.2001

Now it's getting serious.... from now on, there are only 17 days left to the grand opening and it is clear: We will open our doors on August, 16!!!

If you look around today, you certainly wouldn't believe it but we know from our own experience: the last hours are the busiest and sheer miracles are achieved! So enjoy the new pictures and keep your fingers crossed....

The mountains turn green

"So far, no snow on the southern rim of the Alps! But if you climb up a bit further, don't forget to pack your snowboard or skies."

A village in Switzerland

Swiss idyll comes to section 1.3. Cosy villages are emerging from the yesterday bare wire meshes more or less denoted a landscape. This villages is located right to the right of way of the cogwheel railway which winds up into the mountains on an exceptionally steep grade.

Winter vacation in the Swiss Alps

Almost nicer than the original, isn't it? I for my part booked my winter vacation in the Swiss Alps when I looked at this scenery. Skiing is a great sport.... BTW: this massive hides the 11-turn helix. The announced surprise (38.week - pic. 10) already exists but unfortunately no picture reached me until now and so the tension is kept until next week. Talking about next week - In sections 1.1 and 1.2, we had a professional photographer shoot the first official pictures. Enough reason to announce for next week: On Monday, noon sharp the first (how shall we describe them....?) finale fotos(?) will be uploaded!!! From the opening day on, these pictures will be available as postcards in our shop.

Model builders in action

Oooops, what happened here? A maxi-layout in the Wunderland? A model builder in H0-scale? Seriously: We didn't fake or retouch anything, these pictures are real... As evidence, we point out two thingst:

Frank in action in the layout

Number one: Frank is really not very tall (Sorry, Frank, no offense intended), and No 2: this 4-span bridge has a spanning length of 180 cms ( 5.905 feet ) and an overall length including bridge heads of 219 cms ( 7.185 feet ). If it weren't for the bridge piers, Frank could easily lay down lengthwise under this bridge!!!!