Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

23.07.01 at 13:25 hrs

Weekly Report No 38, CW 29

From Monday, 16.07.2001 to Sunday, 22.07.2001

Detailling section 1.2 makes good progress and a small stories are told all over the place (like dinosaur findings). The town also put on not only mass but also a more and more "realistic" look. Still, a lot has to be done until August, 16.

Meanwhile, the mountain ridge in section 1.3 is almost complete. Just in corner one can see wire mesh which will certainly be covered in the next days.

Conclusion: We are still confident to achieve the set target and present a hilarious layout on August, 16.

Road works

I wonder if one of our engineers went out of his mind here? A lot of action is packed into this road works site. A close-up of the truck in the background reveals wiper traces on the dirty windshield. So much for details...

Road works

At the opposite side of the tracks, the workers are busy to prepare the road for asphalt. Bummer, that the road works have to be suspended for the summer - and all because of those dinosaur findings. Which brings us to the next topic....

The dino pit

Finally, life came into the dino pit (although in the form of fossiles). The archelogists already probed them and sent the samples to their institute.

The dino pit

The finding promises to be a sensation since the earth age of the nearby stone coal deposits does absolutely not correspond the age of the bedrock found in the pit. While we are still pondering, some alarmed geologists are already rushing into town to clarify this situation...

The fire station of Knuffingen

The first Car System fire fighter vehicles moved into their station in Knuffingen. Building the Car System proved to be considerably more difficult than assumed. Appaerently, nobody else but Gerrit seems to be able to keep cool enough and summon enough dexterity to build such a car.

Vehicle of the Knuffingen fire brigade

Gerrit's achievements are so astonishing that anybody seeing such a vehicle for the first time only can awe at it. Indicators, front strobes, headlights, breaklights, and, and, and... nothing more to add to it! Great job, Gerrit!!!

Mountain progress

Rock walls and ski slopes have their base coat but there still is a lot to do in these mountains.

Harry working on the mountains

This week, Christian will start with the greenery in the valleys and after that is done, the first houses will beplaced in the mountains (...and there will, of course, be tons of snow on the roofs).

Snow-capped mountains

There were heavy snowfalls in the alpine region, the rocks got their base coat, and slowly one longs for a warm jacket when looking at the mountain ridge.

The helix mountain with wire mesh and plaster

The mountain ridge in section 1.3 is almost finished as far as plaster goes; only the helix mountain shows bare wire mesh. Well, that will change this week. As a special teaser, we planned a small surprise at the rear of this monstrous mountain for which we hopefully will have pictures next week.