Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

16.07.01 at 13:27 hrs

Weekly Report No 37, CW 28

From Monday, 09.07.2001 to Sunday, 15.07.2001

The 37th week is survived... Slowly, everybody involved develops these dark shadows under the eyes since the nights tend to be shorter and shorter. From today, July 16, we have exactly 31 days until the inauguration but we are very confident to make it.

By the end of this week, most of the wire mesh will be covered with plaster and the "greenery" will begin. There's one remark concerning the greenery: the snow border starts at 50 cms (~ 4 feet ) above benchwork level from which point on the domninating color will be more white than green.


It always difficult to communicate the sheer dimensions of this layout to the reader. Just consider this: In this picture,only 15% of the total area of section 1.3 can be seen. Nonetheless, the viewing angle is so big that one can't notice any details.

Cable Railway under construction

This cable railway (many prototypes can be found in Switzerland and Austria) will take up service very soon. This week, the mountain will have disappeared under wire mesh and plaster and after that, it won't take long untile the first trees grow.

The town expands

Scnenicking the town is a very complex task: Parks and house details use up a lot of time. Sidewalks and all other static and moving objects must cooperate with the Car System in order to avoid future failures.

Automobile Im- and Export

The property of the Im- & Export company is filled with vehicles which wait to be loaded onto the trucks. Luckily, most of the cars are already sold ando so nobody is in a hurry. Maybe some of the vehicles are still on the property when you, dear reader, will visit us in August?

The dinosaur pit

Finally, the dinos were located (31. week - pic 4). Only the correct position in the ground is missing, or not? Of course, not! The archelogists and their tools also haven't arrived yet - all those small details that bring this scene to life and make it look realistic.

Demonstration at the colliery

Massive lay-offs at the colliery steamed up the minds. The situation escalated in the early morning hours, when the car of a CEO was hit by a well aimed piece of coal. Only with the help of the police, the corporate management seems to able to regain control and clear the property.


"Well, ladies and gentlemen, the things happening in the regional league today, are really unbelievable. In the early evening hours, the FC Schleierbach came to a triumphal 2:0 after only 15 minutes. Good decision that the town board finally installed the much need floodlights a month ago. Thereeeeee! Now Schuster has the ball and storms again..."