Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

09.07.01 at 13:28 hrs

Weekly Report No 36, CW 27

From Monday, 02.07.2001 to Sunday, 08.07.2001

There is great progress now in section 1.3. The mountains are roughed in with wire mesh and reveal a dreadful trutht: Last week, I assigned the bridge in pic. 11 to the wrong line... The wonderful curved viaduct does not belong to the mainline but to the branchline in this section represents the upper end of the helix. Capital mistake - I hope, you can forgive me..

Apart from that, the team is busy in every part of the layout and we just started legal "doping" (can be seen at the end of this report). 

Our special thanks go to the readers of our newsletter, as well as to the local hobby shops who made sure that we received all required materials in no time. EXCEPTIONAL GOOD JOB - SUPER MANY THANKS!!!!!!

Bridge construction in section 1.3

This is the evidence... A dam is recognizable in the background which leads the experienced reader to the location on the map. The cascades will soon be wet from the water flowing into the large lake at the front of the layout.

Bridge under construction

Another fantastic bridge catches the eye of the viewer. It spans the largest local station in section 1.3 with a length of 1.5 meters ( 4.92 feet ). The trackwork in the foreground is partly covered but can be anticipated. Very good to see in this picture: The mountain ridge in the background is already covered with wire mesh. Currently, this area is plastered and hopefully, we will have impressive mountain pictures by next Monday.

Lift and sky ride in the mountains

Our technicians are also busy: Many ski lifts and sky rides have been installed around the helix mountain. The basics for the Olympic Village have also been laid out. The huge jump is not in its original position anymore but it will be built nonetheless. The original position would have jeopardized the ski jumpers! A jumper with the quality of a Jens Weisflog could hit the tracks under unfavourable ( = optimal) conditions. again: In order to avoid any human tragedy, the jump had to be relocated....

The sky ride

Sky rides, ski lifts and co. are, of course, fully functional. A special problem: The cables are ideal obstacles to stumble over if a model builder doesn't pay close attention... Problems seem to be pre-programmed.

Scenery under construction

Do you remember? This once looked like this: 32.week pic. 1. As in all places of the layout, there is alo no water yet in section 1.2. Although more than 100 Kg ( 220.46 pounds ) of resin wait to be used but that won't happen as long as dust is generated by workers. This lake in the foreground also lacks the paint without which the best resin doesn't look good.

The Iller Bridge

Our Iller bridge also finely blends into the landscape in the meantime (30. week, pic 3 and 29. week, pics 1 & 2). Behind the bridge deep down in the valley, a small village was created..

A flat tire???

A flat tire on the way to the weekend dance? Doesn't seem to be a too common problem, since already 2 "Yellow Angels" show up. A really fictitious scenario which certainly every car driver can confirm. We only hope that no violence is involved when these two "battle" for the customer :-).

More trains on the layout

More and more trains are composed and programmed. This freight trains amounts to a length of 4.985 meters ( 16.354 feet ). Quite an impressive experience to watch this train rolling by... The good news is that the automobiles of the Car System don't have to wait at a grade crossing for this trains since they use the underpass (which is also recognizable). Hey, don't panic: a grade crossing is also planned....).

Nerve nutrition

This also has to be: Nerve nutrition! In the meantime, it advance to the most important food since the stress of getting finished accumulates here and there. August, 16 is not far away any more and still a feasable target.