Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

02.07.01 at 13:33 hrs

Weekly Report No 35, CW 26

From Monday, 25.06.2001 to Sunday, 01.07.2001

Done! Building scenery in section 1.2 has almost finished and now detailling is the main job in all sections.

Things also keep moving on under the layout. A team of 8 electronics started to connect the consumer loads to the controller cards that are already connected to the light computers. Just as a reminder: We connecte each and every house, automobile, lantern,and illuminated advertising sign individually to the computers in order to achieve (in conjunction with the dimmable room lights) realistic days from dawn to dusk.

The castle's park

The castle's park will soon be finished. Will the castle's owner present the park to the public?

The castle's park

Does he ask for an entrance fee? Questions about questions which we hope to clarify in the near future because right now, fences, figures, and vehicles are not yet there....

The eagle statue for the castle

At least we know what the castle's owner spends his money for. Just recently, he ordered this gold plated eagle statue. It will find a lookout place with view to a large railway station...

Overhead catenary

The catenary in the station area is also ready. After decorating the platforms, the first travellers can start their journeys by train.

A village under construction

Somewhere in Germany... This village is located in section 1.2, above the coal docks. The advertized gas prices may lead to a controversy... Why? have a look into the forum...

Climbing the mountain

Using a SUV or a convertible is the best fun driving up these roads. Hopefully, the road gets some guard rails on the left side (German version), or at least safety bars(French version). The Italian version (without anything ;-) always leaves a queasy feeling in the stomach....

The mountains

Seeing this, I get the urge to pack my suitcase and hit the road direction Alps. Everybody who once stood on a meadow like this, can certainly understand this feeling. You can almost feel the wind which touches the skin with an icy touch.

Bridges in the mountains

Such vistas are unfortunately only possible with a camera but once the layout is ready, we will provide many of these pictures in form of a digital photo album. Why don't we do it right away? Pretty simple: Such an album will only contain pictures of the finished layout and we're miles away from that state....

Mountain village with station

An idyllic mountain village with a small station. It cost a lot of effort as well as stone and concrete to gain the needed building lots and right of ways from Mother Nature. This area still needs some tress whereas the slopes in the background are already completely forested.

Bridge building continues!

In section 1.3, mainly tunnel portals and bridges / viaducts have been built.

Bridge building continues!

Always a challenge: A curved viaduct. This structure carries the mainline to section 1.2.

The mountain around the helix

The mountain around the helix is almost standing. Tunnel portals have been installed and very sson the ridges and slopes will disappear under wire mesh.