Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

25.06.01 at 13:35 hrs

Weekly Report No 34, CW 25

From Monday, 18.06.2001 to Sunday, 24.06.2001

Last week we had to accomplish considerable conversion works. While programming the trains in section 1.1 we noticed that we needed a couple of sidings in certain places or even had to convert to double track lines (like the branchline with helix in section 1.3) in order to raise the train frequency and run extra long freight trains. Meanwhile, all conversion jobs have been accomplished and the scenery builders take care of the consequences of the conversions.

This week's schedule foresees the end of the scenery building jobs in section 1.2 and setting up the town. As a reminder: The majority of the town roads are equipped with the Car-System. This requires an exceptionally carefull handling of the scenery since the turnouts and stop points are already built in. A dropped screwdriver could already seriously damage the system....

In section 1.3 the bridge builders made themselves comfortable by now. All around this section, bridges, An allen Ecken und Enden werden Brücke, aqueducts, and tunnel portals are placed on the layout and for next week we await some exciting pictures. Moreover, the tracks for the cogwheel railway will be laid (if the material will hopefully be delivered).

Apart from all the jobs in sections 1.2 and 1.3, we also still work in section 1.1. We grabbed a couple of scenes and introduce them in a special...

View over the highway

A geat view: Generously, the highway channels through the landscape. Things standing in the way were simply bulldozed or filled. The bridge to the left carries the branchline. The ramps of the highway direct the drivers through an underpasss right into town.

Buildings in the shops

Just recently, the owner of this building renovated the copper plated roof. Copper roofs shine and gleam only for the first couple of weeks; after that they oxide from black the typical turqoise color. This house can soon be seen in the town in section 1.2

Building the maze for the castle's garden

The large park of the castle naturally incorporates a giant maze - the pride of every castle-park garender. In addition, many flower beds, fountains, and, and, and will be created..... Very interesting to see: the Car-System! Hidden in the street is the wire along which the cars find their way. The cars turn in the front yard of the castle and can be parked in a row..

Tracks and scenery

And again a motif that will split the community ;-) Scenery fanatics just drop into an easy chair and relish the look of nature while for reality fanatics, our forum would be the better choice in order to ask what those nibbles in the track center are and where one could those in real life... ;-) (I hope, our readership forgives me the ironic undertone... for the "not so savvy": this is the third rail of the Märklin K-track.)

An electronic at work

This picture also originates from section 1.1. The electronics started to wire the house lightings, automobiles, and all the other gimmicks in this section. 60 of the pictured cards, onto which the electric consumers are connected, will be connected to the light computers using more than 500 meters ( 1,640.41 feet ) multicore-cable.