Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

25.06.01 at 13:35 hrs

Special Report No 34-1, CW 25

Section Harz - Special from Sunday, 24.06.2001

A considerable part of our manhours goes into detailing the scenery. People, vehicles, and other objects enliven the model and try to capture the eye of the visitor. In section 1.1, these jobs run for some time now and we are going to have closer look at these scenes now. There's one thing to keep in mind, though: There will still be things to add (like in pic. 4: A rescue helicopter - of course, with moving rotor - plus police and fire fighter vehicles)

Army proving grounds

The proving ground is completely fenced in and the crown of the fence is secured with NATO - barbed wire.

Parkhotel guests on the sunbathing lawn

The guests of the nearby "Parkhotel" lounge on the hotel.owned sunbathing lawn at the creek. Most probably, the driver of the SUV was distracted by the blonde in the white bathing suit. As already mentioned, this scene is not ready yet...

Mini Golf

On Sunday afternoons, the mini golf course is always crowded. Folks from town drive down for a weekend in their trailers or camper to relax at the beach. Apart from mini golf, kayaking and horse riding are very popular.

Minigolf on the campground

Good to see in the overview: The river beds are all (except for the large one which still serves as "walking area") painted but the resin has not yet been poured. This will be done after a complete and thorough cleaning of the layout in order to avoid any dust settling on the hardening surface of the resin.

View into the village

The view into the village during a lunch break on a park bench. Depending on their location, streets will be more or less populated. A side road as this one will only accomodate one or two pedestrians to emphasize its character.

Proving ground fence

Currently, the electronics prepare flickering lights and smoke generators to simulate "live shots"...

Road works on a stone arch bridge

The road work on the stone arch bridge is also running. In this scene, only the welding light (which can't be captured in a photo) and the sound generator are missing. The lights of the safety bars are already connected.