Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.06.01 at 13:37 hrs

Weekly Report No 33, CW 24

From Monday, 11.06.2001 to Sunday, 17.06.2001

While we made a quantum leap concerning the topic trackplan for section 1.3 (Winrail didn't really want to co-operate at the export of the drawings), the first trees grew in section 1.2. Detailling starts now for the complete right area of 1.2. 

The roads for the Car-System were also completed over the weekend - only road markings and sidewalks in the city center have to be completed before the houses can be placed on the layout.

Building the highway

The 4-lane highway leads the cars over the complete lebgth of the layout. Road markings are already there but guardrails, road works, signs, emergency phones, and so on are still missing.... BTW: on this side the underpass is located which we already mentioned earlier (32.week - pic 4).

Wonder, what happened here???

Hmmm... Burglars? Coal thieves? maybe a cab driver who wants to boost his income a bit? Or did thieves steal the taxi? And then there is the question what could be worth stealing from a colliery ( Well, I know it and can only recommend our readers to have a closer look during their first visit in August ;-) ).

The forest

Conifer- and mixed forest add a lively and realistic impression to the scenery. Clearances offer room for scenes "grabbed from life".

The forest and its details

As for now, we don't know who left this cart here, nor do we know why that person did it but maybe this mystery will be solved in some time?

Highway bridge and industrial area

To the left is the large highway bridge (32.week - pic. 4). In the background, industrial businesses are located where the inhabitants of the nearby town earn their living.

This will be an adventure playground

Just recently a thread in our forum: This will be an adventure playground! Situated in the hilly countryside, wooden cabins and wooden trains offer a more than welcomed change to the daily life in town.

Helix under construction

A last view to the inner of the enormous helix (32.week - pic. 7). The tracks are down and wired. Now, here too, the work of the scenery builders starts. In a first step, the risers are added in order to let the "monster" vanish inside the future mountain. When this is done, the dream of the bridge builders comes true: The large bridge connecting sections 1.2 and 1.3 in 2.2 meters ( 7.21 feet ) height overhead the visitors has to be built.