Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

11.06.01 at 13:39 hrs

Weekly Report No 32, CW 23

From Monday, 04.06.2001 to Sunday, 10.06.2001

Quite impressive, how fast work can go on in section 1.2. Almost the complete section is now covered with wire mesh and plaster (only a few sqaure meters in the higher regions are left). By the end of this week, the rough work will be terminated and, amongst other features, more forests will be "planted".

In the meantime, tracks are laid in section 1.3t. The staging yards are complete and already built in.

The rocks grow!

The rock slopes grow and grow... I can't find words to describe the impression, this solid wall of rock creates for the viewer.

Sculpting rocks from plaster

Steep rock walls are found adjacent to alpine meadows covered with boulder just to blend again into rugged rocky terrain just a few meters (Oops, ... it is only a model - centimeters) away. What Harry achieves with this mountain massive is really a master's art.

Color shades on the rocks

Right now, the rocks are painted a light gray and some color accents have been set in a few spots. After a couple more coats of paint, this spot will only show a light shade of red.

The castle hill under construction

The "castle hill" was also formed in the meantime. Clearly seen at the foot of the hill is the a crossing for the Car System road (not to miss because of the holes for turnouts and stop points). And did you notice? Yes, right!!! The street leading up to the castle also has such a hole which lets us assume that this road will also be used by cars!

A station under construction

While the background shows hills extending to the horizon, a nearly 2 meter ( 6.56 feet ) long concrete bridge spans the tracks of the station on this side. This bridge will serve as a feeder line for the cars driving to the city. The rear end of the station features an underpass for exact the same purpose.

The scenery becomes a greener shade

A rural flair extends between the colliery and the town. The background (the white spot) will feature a lake framed by meadows and forests. Behind the lake is the break-through to section 1.1.

All subroadbeds are down in section 1.3

All subroadbeds are down in section 1.3 and the completed staging yards are built in. The main focus is now on the curious construction in the background which we will watch a bit closer in the next report.

Helix under construction

Finally, it is done! 11 long loops will now lead the trains up and down between the sections 1.2 and 1.3. There are no tracks yet but already next week they are scheduled to laid and after that is done, the risers for the huge mountain around the helix will be cut and built in. This helix is nessessary to bring the trains down from a height of 2.2 meters to a comfortable and visible level for the visitor.