Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

04.06.01 at 13:41 hrs

Weekly Report No 31, CW 22

From Monday, 28.05.2001 to Sunday, 03.06.2001

Monstrous rock flanks were created in section 1.2 and in very nook and cranny more and more scenery details develop. The colliery also makes progress. Next week a very special construction will be erected in section 1.3: The trains will use a helix to cover the height difference from 2.20 meters ( 7.21 feet ; remeber the bridge that carries the trains over the visitors's heads?) to a height of 75 cms ( 2.46 feet ) above floor level. To accomplish this, the trains has to run through 11 loops on about 30 meters ( 98.42 feet ) of track...

The colliery under construction

Progress is very slow here - but building "fun parts" like a complete fencing around industrial areas really hold up work...

The colliery under construction

The colliery area still lacks "life" and details which make a scene credible, like junk on one side of the premises, man & machine, and, and, and. First step, however, will be to restore the roads to a "usable" condition (some paint reparis are nessessary).

The village near the colliery

The miners, on the other hand, already moved into their houses in the village close by the colliery (see also 30.week, pics. 4 & 5) and the after-work barbecue is well attended. After a very vivid discussion in our forum, the pit at the other end of the village became a retaining wall to protect the archeologist during their work. I just cite one of the many contributions:

The village near the colliery

"This excavation is an unplanned excavation which only requires a building pit securing. This is composed of a massive footprint support, hefty IPB-profiles, double sheet piles, and a sufficient head anchor, depending on the slope angle. Dipl. Ing. Karl-Heinz Kahl" Those, who now know about all the tidbits may call himself "Expert for building pits in conjunction with dinosaur findings" ....

Built in bridges

After the last bridge now spans the canal, work starts at the coal port (left pier). In the background, the staging area for the Car System already disappeared under wire mesh while work on the highway slowly creates the desired look.

Mountain slopes

Huge rock slopes are created... Where you saw wire mesh yesterday, many pounds of plaster were used to create great rock formations. Already now, one can imagine hikers, chamois, and cows poluating the meadows and gorges..