Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.05.01 at 13:43 hrs

Weekly Report No 30, CW 21

From Monday, 21.05.2001 to Sunday, 27.05.2001

Large areas of wire mesh cover more and more risers. The scenery in section 1.2 develops.... At the same time, massive "road works" for the Car-System started in the city area. However, we didn't come quite as far as we intended. Who's fault this was? Well, there were 3 scenery builders who dared to take their vacation... tz, tz, tz... :-)

Tunnel portals in the alpine region

Last touches are applied to the tunnel portals and retaining walls in the alpine region while the scenery designers alerady started working. This week already, the first rock walls will be sculpted from plaster.

Bridge construction in the shops

and yet another bridge -

Bridge construction

this one spans the valley with a length of 170 cms ( 5.57 feet ) and has a height of 200 cms ( 6.56 feet ) above the floor with a clearance height of 55 cms ( 1.8 feet )- a marvel of german engineering skills.

The village near the colliery

During road works in the village near the colliery a dinosaur was found buried in the ground. The pit was widened considerably and soon, archeologists will take up work here.

The village near the colliery

We will keep this scene in its early stadium under surveillance for the next weeks.

The castle in Knuffingen

This will be the way for a visitor to climb up to the castle - of course, we think in 1:87 proportion. On this picture one can exactly see how the sections of the station Baden-Baden have been combined.

Stop points for the Car System

This baseplate for a town currently resembles a Swiss cheese. Well, blame the Car System for it. The holes will be filled with turnouts and stop points. Let alone in the inner city area, there will be some 400 of them....