Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

21.05.01 at 13:45 hrs

Weekly Report No 29, CW 20

From Monday, 14.05.2001 to Sunday, 20.05.2001

In section 1.2, it was bridge and tunnel portal building all week long. Meanwhile, more lights are added to section 1.1 and the landscape is "enlivened" with figures. The risers for section 1.3 are up and most of the subroadbeds are also built in. Very soon (maybe this week), the track layers will be active.

Bridge building

Here it is: The bridge, we told you about last week (28. week, pic. 2). This bridge is an almost (we had to add the outer arcades because otherwise, the bridge would have been too short) true replica of the first bridge in Germany made of steel-reinforced concrete (1904).

Bridge building

The original was the "Iller bridge" near Lautrach and carried a branchline between Memmingen and Legau over the river. Today, the branchline is abandoned but this must not nessessarily be valid for us - our bridge takes the mainline up the mountains....

Tunnel portal under construction

This steel bridge carries the branchline behind the large station over the main. The main disappears into the mountain, just to wind its way up the mountains and, on another track, reach a huge staging yard with return loop (after all, the ICE is not going to the alpine regions).

Tunnel portal under construction

All tunnel portals are in place and the landscapers started to cover the risers with wire mesh to rough in the mountain scenery.

Tunnel portal under construction

It's a long way to go, before this looks perfect...

The castle under construction

This castle was kitbashed from the station "Baden-Baden". Skillfull arrangement of the single station buildings made this large castle. The perron for the castle can be seen here in the design stage.

The colliery at the coal mine

Above the coal mine (28. week, pic. 3), a colliery was created in the meantime. From here, coal trains will start their journeys. The ground received its first base coat but more scenery details like the huge coal hill in the background will be added before the correct paint coat will let us anticipate the future look and feel...

Mountain skeleton

This view into section 1.3 reveals the huge mountain flanks that will be created here. In the foreground (where the plans lay now), a massive dam with power plant will provide the electricity needed to power the trains and the 20.000 lamps & LEDs.....:-) doesn't work, of course, but its a nice dream....