Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

15.05.01 at 13:46 hrs

Weekly Report No 28, CW 19

From Monday, 07.05.2001 to Sunday, 13.05.2001

Phew,,, did it... It was a great, but also a tough weekend. The reactions were just the kick we needed: We're on the right track! Many, many thanks to model railroad enthusiasts who visited us and awed with gleaming eayes at our layout.

Oh, before we forget: Due to the open house, we have just a few pictures this week. But we promise: Next week, we will be back to normal (originally, we planned to drop this week's report alltogether).

Open house

The open house was a full success. Especially, because we noticed that the aircondition was dimensioned sufficiently. And: even with many people at the layout, one can still see large protions of it - an extremely important point!

Section 1.2 is in the hands of the bridge builders

Section 1.2 is in the hands of the bridge builders. An dthen the unbelievable happened: A dutch visitor tried to buy one of the bridges Gaston was working on... Only with a hefty effort it was able to keep the bridge on the layout. Next week, we will have a closer look at this bridge....

The coal mine under construction

The coal mine also made a lot progress (26.week, pics 4 & 5). The mine tracks are down and ballasted. During the open house, the tunnel walls were temporarily set up.