Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

07.05.01 at 13:48 hrs

Weekly Report No 27, CW 18

From Monday, 30.04.2001 to Sunday, 06.05.2001

Meanwhile, the preparations for our open house during the Hamburg Harbor Anniversary revved up. The aircondition is completed, the toilets get their finishing touches, and the entrance area will also be (almost) completed.

But now to the new pictures which, as announced last week, have all been taken in sections 1.2 and 1.3

Small staging area with return loop

On this picture, one can see the small staging area with a return loop for the Car System.It is located at the end of the motorway. Small hint on the side for all who didn't notice it: We just added a comprehensive description of the Car System to our website.

A cable-stayed bridge

This cable-stayed bridge carries the ICE tracks over a canal crossing the tracks just in front of the main station's throat.

Pier of the coal port

The canal will accomodate a large coal port in this area. The piers are scratch built, mainly from wood. The steel wall, for instance, has been milled from a wooden cleat.

Mine with train under construction

We added some interest to this part: Originally, we wanted a small window in the fascia, through which the visitor could see a coal gallery.

Mine with train under construction

Now, the gallery turned into a full size mine, complete with mine train. So, there will be a lot of action to watch in the underground.

Benchwork for the Alps

In section 1.3, we also had make a change. What, if the ceiling height is not sufficiant? Pretty simple: The alpine landscape starts to raise considerably lower than the general layout height in order to emphasize the alpine character. The risers are already cut and wait to be fitted to the benchwork.