Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

30.04.01 at 13:50 hrs

Weekly Report No 26, CW 17

From Monday, 23.04.2001 to Sunday, 29.04.2001

Section 1.2. is finished, as far as the technical stuff goes.Now, the landscape builders have their way. In section 1.3, the large mountain risers are currently cut out and will be set up until the Harbor Anniversary.

The curve

Always fascinating: The smooth flow of track through wide curves, made possible only by using flextrack. Flextrack also has its drawbacks, though: If two pieces of flextrack have to be connected in tight curves, it is very difficult to lay out a flowing and continous curve.

ICE right of way under construction

The connection between sections 1.1 and 1.2 has been made. The ICE can now reach the large station and the "old" mainline is also completed.

The water has a surface

The water has a surface... well, kind of: it is not quite finished - the water still needs some work (the resin is still missing). Somehow, a couple of horses found their way to this pasture (one kills its thirst at the creek) and some reed grows at the creek's banks. We will now leave this long observed valley ( 24.week, pics 6 &7) and from next week on, there will only be pictures from section 1.2. The many now following details in section 1.1 will not be commented any further here in order to leave some surprises for your "real life" visit.

The quarry

The quarry (24. week, pic. 8) also changed its look to the better. Very soon, huge trucks and excavators will take up work here...