Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

23.04.01 at 13:52 hrs

Weekly Report No 25, CW 16

From Monday, 16.04.2001 to Sunday, 22.04.2001

We are almost 'flying' to an end in the first section. Very soon the rough work will be finalized and the section will be in the hands of the programmers before in a second scenicking run all the hundreds of details will be filled in which enliven such a layout.

In section 1.2., forming the landscape starts. Missing risers cover the staging areas and more roads for the Car System are built. Bridge construction is already in full blaze.

The gorge

This spot in the gorge will never be visible for the visitor. From the opposite side, one can view just short of this gorge. Since we also have cameras in trains, we also want to make such locations viewable for our visitors and consequently, even these spot will be detailled with a lot of dedication to detail. What will this gorge look like, once it is ready?

Old village with framed houses

The small town in section 1.1 adjacent to the station slowly shows its face. It is of medievial origin and most of its houses are framed, and most probably under some kind of preservation program.

Staging yard in the Harz section

Until now, the huge staging yards remain empty. Meanwhile, the first 200 trains have been composed and ordered and so the staging yards will soon be filled with rolling stock (a vital condition to start programming the trains).

Going up!

The gradient into the mountain range already starts in the tunnel. The trackage runs straight on for about 8 meters (~ 26.2 feet) and take the trains up 20 cms (~ 8 inches) on a gradient of 2,5 %. To reach the required height ( from 1 meter to 2.2 meters), about 50 meters (~164 feet) have to be battled on this gradient.

Future site of a village

Snug on the flank of the mountain, a village and a small station will be built. The ski-resorts, however, will be set up in section 1.3.