Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

16.04.01 at 13:54 hrs

Weekly Report No 24, CW 15

From Monday, 09.04.2001 to Sunday, 15.04.2001

Very often, we are asked how we do our photographs and which digital camera we use. These pictures have all been taken by Erhard with an Olympus Camedia CL860. This cam offers 1.3 Mega-pixel resolution which we don't completely exploit since we work with a picture size of 800 x 517 pixels. "Just a minute..." someone might ask, "Why not 800 x 600?" Pretty simpel: many pictures have not been taken digitally (especially the overviews) but with a "real" film camera. These photes are scanned and have a slightly lower format. Another point which must not be under-estimated, is the compression rate of the pictures. Too much compression leads to inferior results. So we prefer to use up a bit more memory in order to deliver better pictures.

The amphi-theater awaits its spectators

The amphi-theater ( 22nd week) awaits its spectators but the technical part has not yet been implemented. In the center, some step dancers will show their talent on a stage.

The concrete plant under construction

The concrete plant in section 1.1 also sees further development. Its location was already to be seen on pic. 6 in week 18. Apart from the buildings, more sand- and gravel hills are created.

Driving down Mainstreet

Driving down Mainstreet reminds us that is about time to name our villages and cities. There are already many proposals but right now, we have more important things to do.

The coal merchant

The coal merchant still has some customers in this village but already in the next town, the inhabitants use oil to heat their homes.

The Parkhotel

The Parkhotel welcomes its first guests. Located close to a small creek, the guests can realx in the garden or play minigolf in the not so far minigolf park at the wide river.

The gorge after scenicking

Slowly but surely, we reach the end of work in this gorge. Where 2 two weeks ago (22nd week, pic. 5) everything looked bare, bushes and trees changed the landscape dramatically.

The creek in the gorge

very soon, work on the water areas will start.

Building a quarry

This quarry hides a secret. In future, an empty train will enter this building; only to depart loaded with broken stone a bit later.

Tracks in the mountain range

In section 1.2, the trackwork reached a height of 1.7 meters(~ 5.6 feet). Just a wee bit more and the trains can cross the main aisle to section 1.3 over the heads of our visitors at 2.20 meters (~ 7.2 feet) height. There, alpine villages, ski resorts, and a massive dam try to attract the visitors's eyes.