Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

09.04.01 at 13:56 hrs

Weekly Report No 23, KW 14

From Monday, 02.04.2001 to Sunday, 08.04.2001

Oh well, we made a capital mistake. Last week we speculated if the portal in picture 10 showed the model or the prototype... Promptly, our own "quality control Kalli" criticized: "... just take minute and raise the pnathograph of the engine ...". Right he is, a bad mistake that hopefully won't happen again. We promise to improve and, preventively, jailed the photographer for one week with bread and water diet. :-)

Building scenery

So far, the landscape above the largest station in section 1.1 is prepared. Next week, a small town surrounded by an ancient city wall will be created here.

The fortress atop the mountain

The ICE passes this mountain through a short tunnel. On the flank of this mountain, we will have a beautiful fortress overlooking the river valley.

After tracklaying in section 1.2

Alltracks are down now in section 1.2. The missing risers above the Car System hidden staging are almost complete (visible in the background). The electronic team is still busy with the digital wiring.


Massive retaining walls have to support the landscape where humans ploughed their way for roads and tracks.

The details are yet to come!

The scenery in the first section changed dramatically. Where wide meadows reminded of mountain pastures yesterday, trees grew overnight and narrow the vistas. A few bushes can spark speculations how this area will look like once it is ready.... But until then, countless details like reflector posts or guardrails have to be built in.

Dark forest

Dark and dense forests grew on the mountains in the rear of the layout. In the far distance, the turrets of the cloister point up to the sky.

Deer graze in a clearance

Deer graze in a clearance. Originally, figures should only be set up after the vacuum action to clean the layout from surplus foliage, dust, and ground foam. But we'll forgive the artist in this case: Such a clearance simply has to be home to deer...

Smallville - Idyll

Small town - idyll with pavillion. Will the neighbors quarrel over their cherries later on? We'll wait until the trees are planted and all the details are in the scene....

Pictures from a camera - train

We already look forward to the impressions that will be delivered by the video cameras mounted into some locommtives.