Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

02.04.01 at 13:58 hrs

Weekly Report No 22, CW 13

From Monday, 26.03.2001 to Sunday, 01.04.2001

Work goes fast now. Small neat details emerge from every corner of the layout. In about 5 weeks, we want to finish scenicking section 1.1 and start train programming with the branchline in this section.

In section 1.2, track laying has almost finished and the focus now is on wiring. 

Here, we'll create an amphitheater

Here, we'll create an amphitheater. The tunnel to the left (in the foreground) leads to the wardrobes and utility rooms which are located inside the hill. The hole in the center will accomodate the mechanism for the dancers on the stage.

A mobile toilet for the village

The first village starts to develop.

The village plaza

A small market place, a church with a cemetary, a car dealer, and of course the obligatory mobile toilet for the building construction give this village already now a stunning athmosphere.

Creation of a military proving gorund

A small military proving ground is created on the slopes in the background. Tanks ripped up the soil and left some deep traces in the scenery.

The gorge

You remember? Picture 5, the picture of last week which will accompany us until this gorge is perfect. Meanwhile, gras "grew" and the rocks have been overworked with another coat of paint.

Overhead catenary on the layout

While the catenary is complete on the high bridge,...

Signals to connect

the wires (white) for the signals in the station below still wait to be connected.

Kalli cares for catenary in the station

Kalli builds catenary into the large (well, on our scale with "only" 8 tracks relatively small) station, while the quarry is already modelled in the background. The concrete-steel bridge was the last bridge in this section.

Test runs in section 2

Meanwhile, the tracks in the "flat" part of section 2 are almost all down and wired. We cleverly avoided the mistakes, we made in the first section and so progress is very fast. We guess that next week the first runs will take place.

Reality??? Or Miniatur Wunderland???

Sometimes, ther really is just one question:: Reality or model? Did you recognize it? 18. week, pic. 3 or 16. week, pic. 2