Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

26.03.01 at 14:00 hrs

Weekly Report No 21, CW 12

From Monday, 19.03.2001 to Sunday, 25.03.2001

In the first section, (approx. 100 sqm => ~1,076 sq ft), half of the wire mesh is down and about 1/3 is already covered with plaster. 10 sqm (~ 108 sq ft) are green and so the first detailling jobs can be started.
In the 2nd section - roughly 100 sqm ( ~ 1,078 sq ft) - the tracklayers currently tack down about 1,000 meters (~3,281 feet) of track.


The good will can clearly be seen. It will look very beautiful. We will later be able to shoot a photo of every spot of the layout and one won't see at first glance if it is a model or not!

Harry carving plaster

Harry and plaster.... pound upon pound is applied to the wire mesh, thin layers for meadows and thicker layers wher rocks have to be carved later on.

Greenery is finished here!!

The greenery in this spot is finished. Now, trees, figures, animals, and cars have to complete the scene. It already looks quite nice as it is now but only details bring a scene to life!

City planning with Gerhard

Also an important topic. Close to reality city planning. Here, "master planner" Gerhard Dauscher determines the correct locations for houses, etc.

House in the gorge

We will show this picture a couple more times in the upcoming weeks. Everything looks unrealistic here.There is no greenery, etc.! So far, the rocks only received a base coat of paint. But a short look to picture 1 of last week reveals: Progress moves with giant steps - we'll see how far we got next week....

Kalli attaches the catenary

Karl-Heinz has his hands full building in the overhead catenary. Here he is seen as he works on the Sommerfeldt catenary for the ICE tracks.

Erhard attaches the walls to the bridge abutments

Erhard currently helps Gaston with all the walls for the bridges. Here, too, everything has to look as realistic as possible. All this work is concentrated in section 1. Another month will pass until these jobs can be started in section 2. By then, the first section is scheduled to be finished and handed over to the programmers for train programming. As you know, sections 1.1 to 1.3 should be finished in August!

A Swiss tunnel portal

Based on this photo of a Swiss tunnel portal, we scratch built a tunnel portal on our layout. Those relatively narrow and high rising rock walls are kind of nightmarish, aren't they? ... and now, please forgive us this little lie: This is not the original but already the model (Which is not even ready yet)... Just compare this with picture 5 in week 18.

Everybody in action!!!

Slowly, chaos makes room for a beautiful model reailroad. Two weeks ago, this looked quite different (pic. 2) ... In order to meet the deadline, some team members even work Sundays.

Christian 'sprinkling' on gras

Christian applies the greenery as if he didn't do anything else in his past 25 years of life! First, he applies a bed of white glue which he colored in the shade representing the soil. Then, he uses a special air brush to "sprinkle" (or better : shoot) on the gras.

The ICE may come now...

The ICE may come now...