Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.03.01 at 14:02 hrs

Weekly Report No 20, CW 11

From Monday, 12.03.2001 to Sunday, 18.03.2001

While the last wiring jobs are done in section 1.1, the model builders slowly take over the layout. Locations of house are determined and more and more square meters are covered with wire mesh and will soon be vanished under a 1 to 5 cms thick layer of plaster. Another decision was also made: We will be present at the Model Fair in Dortmund. As already in Sinsheim, we will again be guest of Messrs. Lockenkopf (Christian promised that we will sonn have the first pictures of the fun fair he is currently building for us in his shops).

The valley under construction

A small creek cuts through the right side of this valley. On the left side, a road links the valeey to the rest of the world. Once the "plaster rocks" received their paint job, they won't hardly be recognizable any more. Just compare to : 7.CW pic. 1

Entrance area

Even so it dosen't look like it: work on the entrance area made a lot of progress. The service-room is completely equipped with refrigerators and cabinets and the lighting is prepared.

Built in bridge

This bridge was also already documented: 8.CW pic. 4. Now it is in its final location and the abutements and reatining wall have also been built. This bridge carries the mainline over the wide river to the station in the background.

Greenery on the mountains

After the base coat has dried, now the foliage and gras can come.

Greenery on the mountains

Hopefully, Christian is extra inspired after a week's vacancy in the mountains...

Wiring the first section

Last wiring jobs are done in section 1 and so the complete technical crew can move to section 1.2 in calender week 12. From now on, section 1.1 is completely in the hands of the model builders...