Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

12.03.01 at 14:04 hrs

Weekly Report No 19, CW 10

From Monday, 05.03.2001 to Sunday, 11.03.2001

maybe you met us at the Modelling Fair in Sinsheim. This was our first appearance on a fair (as exhibitor) and we experienced many interesting things. maybe, we will be in Dortmund, too. The layout makes progress. We were not able to sprinkle on foliage and gras yet but achieved a lot as far as rock modelling goes. In section 1.2, track goes down for the 13-track main station. As for pictures, we stick more to section 1.1 because currently in section 1.2 everything what we already showed in section 1.1, is repeated .

Briefing with Kalli and Gerhard

A night at five in the restaurant is brought to paper the next morning. The first 200 trains with roughly 3,500 cars are compiled! The evening before, we spend hours discussing the train consists. A big clap on the shouilder for Karl-Heinz and Werner. By using their knowledge (We get the feeling that Karl-Heinz knows every engine by its first name...), we will have an unbelievably great variety of realistic trains!

The ICE line from another perspective

The ICE line from another perspective

Erhard prepares the ground for a town

Erhard prepares the ground for a town. Here, a small town of about 30 houses will be created. Important information: It looks a bit inaccurate in some places but the greenery will make it look nice and neat later on.

Scenery building

Somehow, one cannot really imagine that this will be a beautiful landscape. This is still the "basic" scenery.

Harry carving rocks

Harry and the rocks, a never ending story :-). In this place, man blasted the rocks to get spcae for a road. So this rock has to look different from the "naturally grown" rock.

A forest will grow here

A snow pile or a chalk mountain? Neither one; here we will have natural grown rocks as well as a sharp rocky edge which mankind cut into this area. Most of this area will later be covered with forest.

Building mountains from plaster

Here, too, we will later see how mankind changes (or destroys?) nature. Mother Nature certainly didn't foresee the road up the hill or the gorge for the logging line.

The first 5 boosters

The first 5 boosters from Softlok are installed. They will power the tracks in the first section.

Station: track laying

Over all the scenery modelling in the 1st section we must not forget section 1.2. Currently the 13-track station is laid out. It comes in handy, that Hans-Wilhelm is survey-engineer ...