Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.03.01 at 14:07 hrs

Weekly Report No 18, CW 9

From Monday, 26.02.2001 to Sunday, 04.03.2001

Scenery building is in full motion. This week's target is to cover about 20 sqm (~ 215.2 sq ft) with plaster and model it. The first section is now completely in the hands of the "artists". meanwhile, the technicians take care of the trackwork in the 2nd section.

Building mountains with wire mesh

This is, how scenery looks when the wire mesh is stapled to the wooden risers. This is the base for the plaster. Unfortunately, the catenary is not ready yet.

Building mountains with plaster

After a hefty slab of plaster has been applied to the wire mesh, rock modelling starts. One could just leave like that; winter also has its beautiful sides...

We'll build a quarry here

We'll build a quarry here. The buildings are currently completely scratch built in the shops.

Moto-Cross in winter??

Moto-Cross in winter?? No, for every type of scenery, be it lawn, rock, or whatever, the base is plaster. In futuere, this will be a moto-cross contest in the dirt.

Harry carves the rocks

Carving the rocks is a really tough job. Harry still has virtually hundreds of square meters of plaster to go! In the foreground, you see a scratchbuilt raod bridge which spans one of the main roads.

Plaster rocks after painting

Winter is gone! The rocks are now colored with 6 coats of paint. The brown areas are the base for forests and meadows => a new task for next week.

The ICE line

Not really a new picture but one of our favorites:The 16 meters (~ 52.5 feet) long ICE line.

Details in sight!

Well, well, finally one can recognize some details...

The first building is built in

The first building is built in.

Bridges in the 2nd section

While the scenery builders are busy in the 1st section, we - so to say - start all over again in the 2nd section. Now bridge building has just begun. This is, where the 52 feet long ICE trackage meets with the rest of the world.

The heart of the Car System

Considering the size of the layout and the number of running cars later on, even the Car System needs staging areas. Here we see the heart of the Car System. Everything is now wired and so the wooden framework for the mountains can be mounted on top of it.

The large Car System hidden staging

In the background right, the large staging artea is located. Underneath it, a staging yard for the main line is located which later will disappear under a 6-lane highway. To the left is the layer which will later accomodate the main station with its 13 tracks.