Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

26.02.01 at 14:09 hrs

Weekly Report No 17, CW 8

From Monday, 19.02.2001 to Sunday, 25.02.2001

All our power is currently concentrated on the first of the 5 sections. The first tracks have been equipped with overhead catenary. This week we want to apply the first patches of plaster but it is going to be tight. The tunnel portals for this sections are ready. All bridges will be finished this week. The last wires to control the layout are going in. If everything goes well, this section can be completely handed over to the scenery builders next week. Then, the electronics team comes back just for the special effects. Later, in about 6 weeks, 6 electronic wizzards will wire the approx. 5,000 lamps that will then have been placed on the layout by the scenery builders in buildings, cars, etc.

ICE bridge

The ICE bridge is completely scratch built from wood, metal, and plaster. It is almost ready. The photo just shows a small section of it.

ICE bridge

To the right, the bridge stretches for another 6 meters (~19.7 feet). We'll show you a better picture in the next weeks.

Building the S-Bahn station

The real modelling work in full blaze. many things can't be bought from the catalogue and so have to be scratch built in the right scale and proportion. This goes also for this modern S-Bahn station.

Gaston building bridges

For a couple of bridges, at least some commercial parts can be used. At a layout this size, however, improvisation is needed at almost every corner. Gaston, being a tarsia carpenter, has just the right qualification for this job....

Scenery in the Harz section

Scenery building was started in this corner last week. There are many delays since various things and techniques are tested "on the fly". Once, the starting difficulties have been come over with, working speed will considerably go up with so many co-workers at hand...

The last controller wires for the Harz section

The last controller wires for the Harz section are laid out.

Track laying in the 2nd section

While most of the team members concentrate on the 1st section, the track layers have time to do their work in the 2nd section. Here, roughly 800 meters (~2,624.7 feet ) of track will be laid.