Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.02.01 at 14:11 hrs

Weekly Report No 16, CW 7

From Monday, 12.02.2001 to Sunday, 18.02.2001

The trackwork is flawless now. A couple of turnouts had slight problems due to painting rust onto them but these problems have been promptly solved. Now, the digital programming starts which will most probably last until August! In the next six days we want to start the overhead catenary, boost bridge building, and finish oof all tunnel portals so that we can fully engage in scenery building. Although the first patches of wire mesh appear on the layout, actually building scenery can only start after all "basic" things have been built and the "technician crew" has left section 1.1.

Wire mesh is the base for plaster

Wire mesh is the base for plaster. Contours for the scenery are roughed in. The real modelling works starts later when the slapped-on plaster has hardened.

Overhead catenary

Precision is mandatory when building catenary. Thousands of masts have to be positioned! This, btw, is the first one...

Wiring the layout

Pretty wise that we selected different colors for the various consumer loads. Although we even didn't start with the approx. 20,000 small lamps, chaos rules already!

Let us outa here!!!

We found some support! 20000 helpers wait to finally be released from their plastic jail...

These structures wait to be built in

More and more buildings return to the layout from the home workers. Most of them are readily available kits of all known manufacturers but some are complety scratch built.Now they sit in the storage and wait to be built into the layout.

Wiring the Car System

The Car System ...and its consequences!

Wiring the Car System

Currently we build the large staging area (Stephano's favorite), where in future up to 100 cars can be parked to bring some variety into the Car System city's traffic.

Father's day tour???

No, this is not the end of a Father's day tour... ! It is Friday evening! Not quite "weekend" for us but at least a chance to talk over ideas and discuss mistakes and problems with the whole team.