Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.02.01 at 14:14 hrs

Weekly Report No 14, CW 5

From Monday, 29.01.2001 to Sunday, 04.02.2001

Now dig a bit deeper. For the digital control, we ordered the first 100 decoders at Littfinski. The boosters for powering the tracks are awaited for this week. Now that means: soldering wires until you drop! In the meantime, nicknames appear in the team! Our "wood worms" feverishly work on the risers and subroadbeds for the 2nd section. A large article in the newspapers again brings us a couple of "viewers" to the layout. Although it is really nice to have a smalltalk with interested folks, it also holds up work. Therefore, we plan an open house, the date of which will be announced on our website.

The plans for the 2nd section

The 2nd section is still firmly in tha hands of our wood-worms Christian, Christian, and Harry! The plans are now transferred to the risers.

The high mountain range in the 2nd section

Here, the high mountain range is created in the 2nd section. On top, at 2.2 meters height ( ~7.2 feet), the future tunnel opening is located. A huge bridge spans the main aisle over the visitors' heads to the 3rd section which we will start in about 2 weeks.

Finished 'Plywood City' in the 1st section

Wood-wise, the 1st section is finished. Another 2 - 3 weeks wiring and then the scenery building is next.

Staging yard in the Harz section

Chaos rules in the body of our layout. Photographed from a bird's eye view, one can see 6 different layers of track here! Entries and exits of staging yards.

Wire harnesses to power the layout

All over the place, enormous wire harnesses hang around (this one serves as power lines for the 4-storey staging yard in the Harz section).

ICE right-of-way

The ICE right-of-way is already recognizable although it is still without track since the bridges are just under construction. A 3 meters long ( ~ 9.8 feet) long concrete bridge will span a valley here => unfortunately very close to reality!