Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

29.01.01 at 14:16 hrs

Weekly Report No 13, CW 4

From Monday, 22.01.2001 to Sunday, 28.01.2001

Now also the electronic guys can join in. Just for wiring the trackwork, we ordered about 150 kilometers (~ 93.2 miles) of wire and are not sure wether this will be sufficient! This week's Wednesday, 24.01.2001, our internet site went go online. Well, it is Friday, and during the first 48 hours, the home page had more nearly 2,000 visitors! This is quite a lot and lets us hope for even higher future visitor numbers. many non-modellers often ask us if we think that many people will look at such a site??? Hopefully, we'll show'em! As kids, we were often in the Musuem for Hamburg History. That was a dream for us kids! Now we want to pass on a bit of this dream to the children of today. We want to and will convince them that there nicer things than Nintendo, Play Station, and computer games out there!!

Wiring a staging yard

The first (4 storey high) staging yard takes on contours. Many hours have already been spent wiring. Every single wire is measured and documented. Absolutely no mistakes must happen here!

More wires

More wires...

Construction and wiring of staging yards

Werner and Richard built the staging yards and also wired them. Unfortunately, very few people will actually see their work in the future...

Laying track in the Harz section

Wood working in the Harz section is amost done. 90% of all tracks are down. Very soon, we can start building scenery!

Risers of the mountain range

The 2nd section als makes progress. The high risers for the small part of the mountain range are built in. Just like on the legendary Gottard-line, our trains have to battle the gradients to reach 2.20 meters (~ 7.2 feet) height. At this spot, one can watch the same train five times on a different track. Having reached the summit, the trains traverse the main aisle on a huge steel bridge to arrive at beautiful, partly snow-covered, high mountain range.

Construction of 2nd section

Here one gets a glimpse of the sheer size of the 2nd section.

Construction of 2nd section

Tons of wood are used here.

Our entrance area

Our entrance area