Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

22.01.01 at 14:19 hrs

Weekly Report No 12, CW 3

From Monday, 15.01.2001 to Sunday, 21.01.2001

This week, we concentrate on the Knuffingen section. The risers are marked and cut out. We had to reveiw our plans a couple of times since here the unique Car System by Gerrit Braun (based on Faller) will be implemented! More than 100 vehicles will travel through towns, over highways, and mountains in an area of about 20 square meters (~ 215 sq ft); all computer - controlled!!! The first 3,000 Wiking-model cars arrived. This week, we will also determine wether the model cars will be equipped with lamps or optic fibers. At least 1,000 man hours will be needed just for these cars!

The risers for the second section

Now the plans for the 2nd section have been removed again because all risers are marked. These are now cut out in the caprenter's shop and mounted to the layout.

1st section under construction

The 1st section makes good progress!

1st section under construction

This is again the spot with the small station. To the right, the riverbed has been created. At the top, one can anticipate the "mountain station".

The mountain station

The mountain station seen from a bird's eye view. Pure chaos! Here, we will have a mine with a loading dock and a small village

The right-of-way

We put a strong emphasis on the scenery while at the same time, an interesting way-of-right is also very important to us. There has to be action, if ones looks at the layout.

The right-of-way in the Harz mountains

The contours are recognizable by now. The river snakes through the valley and some very neat bridges will make for exceptional photos (most bridges are scratch built).

The wall break-through for (amongst others) the ICE train

The week has passed and by looking from the 1st to the 2nd section, one can see the amount of risers already finished for the 2nd section! This wall break-through serves as connection from the first to the second section and will accomodate the double track main for the ICE!