Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

15.01.01 at 14:21 hrs

Weekly Report No 11, CW 2

From Monday, 08.01.2001 to Sunday, 14.01.2001

Now we get cracking! Already 13 co-workers are working on the layout! Wires are laid. The ceiling lighting continues to be prepared and the 2nd section is opened for work. Promotion work also starts now. At least, there are only 7 more month until inauguration! The first TV-stations ask for a taping permit. We'll postpone this until there is a bit more to see on the layout!

Plans for the 2nd section

While the first section starts to show contours, the plans for the 2nd sections have just been stiched onto the plywood.

Construction of staging yards

Skowly, but surely, the layout looks 3-dimensional.The corner will later accommodate 4 staging yards, stacked upon each other.

View over a part of the layout

Well, that's how it looks when people work on a layout of this size. Just as a reminder: Here, you only see a small part of the layout!

Mining and tracks

Not really recognizable, but a small logging line will battle the hill in future while two single track branch lines will split alongside the river banks. As subroadbed, we use the prefabricated roadbed made by Merkur which will of course receive some additional ballast. The tracks will be weathered. Signals and turnouts will be controlled using Viessmann decoders.

Wiring the staging yard

Wiring has started on the lower staging yard. We will try to sum up the needed length of wires at the end of the building section!

Plans of the 2nd section

The 2nd section! In an area of about 95 square meters (~ 1,102 sq ft), a town and a lot of industry will be created.The background to the left will be filled with a resembly of the Gotthard-North ramp (Switzerland) and reach aheight of 2.20 meters. In one spot, the visitor will be able to watch the same train 5 times, as it battle its way up the ramp. The mainline willo tarverse the visitor aisle on a huge bridge high above the visitors' heads in order to reach the other side of the room.

Plans of the 2nd section

This is nessessary beacuse in this spot, the main aisle is also the escape route in case of an emergency. By taking this measure, we also create a very special attraction where our guest most probably will rest for quit a while!

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