Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

08.01.01 at 14:23 hrs

Weekly Report No 10, KW 1

From Monday, 01.01.2001 to Sunday, 07.01.2001

Well, now the most exciting year of our lives started! Due to New Year holidays, the upcoming week will be very short! Tons of material arrive! Let alone some 50,000 trees will be delivered by Heki in the next days!


There's still a long way to go! This is again the part with the location of the station and the river. It already changed a bit but right now one cannot even guess what this will once be!

A staging yard

Hidden tracks and staging yards have to be built first, then the risers for the scenery can be shaped and built in. Here, the landscape will only reach a height of about 50 cms (~ 1.6 feet). This is in contrast to other spots in the layout where mountains can easily touch the ceiling.

Construction of 2nd section

While riser after riser is set in the first section, the basic benchwork for the 2nd section is set up here. Construction of these 95 sqm ( 1,022.6 sq ft ) will begin next week.

Entrance area

Our entrance area shows first contours! The counter will be erected here.

Entrance area

From another standpoint, one can already see parts of the layout from the entrance area. BTW: what you see hre is about 1/3 of ONE of the 4 interconnected halls! Boy, this will be huge!

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