Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

17.12.01 at 12:37 hrs

Weekly Report Special No 59, KW 50

This going to be expensive and seriously: the story really happened. Somebody smuggled 4 cars into the Wunderland and parked them in our streets hindering the traffic!

The local authorities had the 4 obstructive cars towed.


Fortunately, the owner could be found and the ticket is on its way!

No parking area, so: towed!

That beats everything! This van was parked right in the middle of the loading zone of the industrial bakery - No trace of the driver! -> Towed!

No parking area, so: towed!

Another, traffic blocking van. No paperwork was carried with the car -> Towed!

No parking area, so: towed!

And also for this truck, the officers couldn't any valid paperwork -> Towed!

No parking area, so: towed!

Unbelievable but true: a van parked in the middle of a bridge - to make it worse: with defective, resp. non existing lights! -> Towed!