Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

15.06.09 at 13:38 hrs

Weekly Report No. 450, CW 24

From Monday, 08.06.2009 until Sunday, 14.06.2009

The southern part of Germany had a quite short working week due to a couple of bank holidays but we in the North made up for this by catching uop on those projects we didn't finish so far. The following picture show what we achieved during this week!

The first airport pushers without bars

Last week more airport tractors after the Goldhofer AST-1 model …

Goldhofer AST-1 in Lufthansa-paint scheme

… in various Lufthansa and…

Goldhofer AST-1 in Swissport-paint scheme

… Swissport paint schemes were built.

Plants in the basement???

When Bobby starts unleashing his creativity, some weird models are about to emerge. However, why green plants have to gorw in the basement, is a mystery to us.

Shipping department for plants?

We are also curious about the fact that the comissioning personel has to wear protecting masks and weigh each single leaf. The wrapping, however, is something new. Wrapped in aluminum foil, such a flower bouquet looks at least different from the normal.

Chemical research lab

This model most definitely pictures a chemical research lab which went bancrupt. There is no other explanation why the wallpaint is chipping in it. :-)

Trough for the boat lift

Another component for the boat lift was finished last week. The trough in which the boats can be lifted up or lowered, is roughed in. Soem details and some paint is still missing but one can already judge the effort put into this model.

Tunnel portal

The tunnel portal which we showed you last week is now at it's final location. of course the trackwork goes in at the same time.

New crane for contruction site in Hamburg section

The model builders don't exclusively work on the airport section. The existant sections are also constantly modified and remodeled. This crane…

New crane for contruction site in Hamburg section

... goes into the construction site in the Hamburg section.

The Miniatur Wunderland sports team

Last weekend, the sports team of the Miniature Wunderland once again was unleashed and participated in the HSH-Nordbank-Run through the harbour city. This run is not for best times but for the number of paricipants. For each team member, a certain amount of money is donated to the charity organisation „Kinder helfen Kindern“ (children help children).

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