Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

08.06.09 at 13:17 hrs

Weekly Report No 449, CW 23

From Monday, 01.06.2009 until Sunday, 07.06.2009

In the last report we challenged you with a little quiz in picture 4. Here's the right answer: Gaston indeed used small skewers left over from the last MFM.

Parts for baggage trolley trailers

The model build3ers now have the task to build baggage trolley trailers from all these small single parts.

Painted parts

If you look at the sheer quantity of all those parts, you can imagine...

Chassis for baggage trolleys

... how many baggage trolleys will later be used at the airport.

Ship moorings for the boat lift

At the boat lift are, Gaston currently is about to model the river banks and builds moorings for the waiting ships.

Gaston's foreman controls the work done

Always at Gaston's side is his foreman who constantly checks on Gaston's work! ;-)

Finished Upper Port Bridge

All in all, progress in the boat lift area is very good. Here we have the already finished Upper Port Bridge which will later…

Finished Upper Port Bridge

…represent the upper area of the boat lift.

Another tunnel portal for the tracks to the Airport Station

Another tunnel portal is currently built by Christian. It will be located in the airport area so that trains, although only for a short stretch, can run in daylight.

Illuminating the airport fire station

an ever growing number of buildings are finished by the model builders and now wait to be illuminated. Here we have the airport fire station and if you look at the wire harness, one gets the idea that power saving is not really a discussion point :).

Stairways for the large parking garage

More smaller details like stairways and railings, have been added to the large parking garage last week.

Tractors and official airport vehicles

The vehicle fleet of the airport has also been extended. More than 50 small tractors for general transport duties at an airport have been assembled until today. Not to forget: Fire fighting trucks for the airport fire fighters which we will introduce in more detail in on of the next weekly reports.

Hull of a 747-400

The hull for a 747-400 has been finished last week. It still lacks the complete technical stuff and the paint, of course.

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