Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

25.05.09 at 13:05 hrs

Weekly Report No 447, CW 21

From Monday, 18.05.2009 until Sunday, 24.05.2009

although the last working week was a bit short, quite a few things happened.

Pedestrian overpasses

Work on the Aiport station illumination continued last week. Holger is currently busy installing the lights...

White lights for the overpasses

...for the platform overpasses and the elevators. Only white LEDs are used here because...

Lit escalators in blue

... there will be a lot of color already on the platforms. Currently, the LEDs work in a kind of test mode which means that all RGB - LEDs light up in the same color...

Lit escalators in orange

... In the course of this week, real train movements will be programmed which we will show ...

Lit escalators in green

... in one of the next Miwula-TV reports.

Lit escalators in yellow

Lit escalators in magenta

Platform lights in blue

Platform lights in red

Platform lights in green

Platform lights in orange

Platform lights in magenta

Maybe you have an idea or vision of the light color or light variations that should be applied to the Airport station. If this is the case, simply drop a note to our forum under the topic Weekly Report 447 and we will try to incorporate your proposal.

Built-in tunnel portal

This tunnel portal was presented in report 441. In the meantime, it has bee built into it's final location.

Tunnel portal near the brdge :-)

Finished railings at the parking lot

Some more parts have been finished for the large parking garage. The railings have noew been built into each level, thus preventing the cars falling off the parking deck.

Staircase for the large parking garage

The staircases for the large parking garage are also finished. It turned to be a bit elaborate to engrave the jointing of the glas bricks into a clear styrene foil ....

A very special signal

To conclude this report, here is some stuff for discussions. Does a signal like this one really exist?

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