Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.05.09 at 13:51 hrs

Weekly Report No 446, CW 20

From Monday, 11.05.2009 until Sunday, 17.05.2009

During the last week, work was on in virtually every corner of the company; small detail works have been tackled as well as huge projects.

Facade of the Airport Hotel

The model of the Airport Hotel is currently in the electronics shop and waits to be illuminated. During this waiting time, however, the small details are still updated and worked on, as for example,…

Hotel roof

…the stainless steel chimney of the hotel. This is just a small detail of this large hotel but it's the small details that contribute to the prototypical appearance of the models. NB: The material of the chimney is really stainless steel!

The supporting structure of the Upper Port Bridge

The boat lift model also makes some progress.Here we see how the supporting structure of the …

The supporting structure of the Upper Port Bridge

…Upper Port Bridge is created. The prototype shows a very elaborate steel construction in this area which supports the combined weight of water and boats.

Styrene "steel$quot; beams

The model uses of course painted styrene beams which facilitate the construction but none the less is very elaborate to build.

Guyed bridge after the Alamillo Bridge in Sevilla, Spain

Gaston continued to work on the bridge in the boat lift area. Now, one can recognize the prototype for this guyed bridge (or cable stayed bridge) is the Alamillo-Bridge in Sevilla, Spain.

Cable-stayed bridge

Installation of lights in the Airport station

The electronic wizzards are busy now to wire and install the lights in the Airport Station. For this purpose, 20 Stripes with 10RGB LED´s each are mounted to the rear wall of the station to cater for various color changes. This alone accounts for more than 600 control channels as in future each LED will be controlled individually.

Platform lights

The platforms with about 50 lamps are also wired now, Each lamp is equipped with 2 RGB and 8 white LED's. This will add another 350 control channels.Additionally, we willa dd another 2,000 LED's along the platform edges as optical delimiters. A lot of work for such a "small" station and one can only imagbaine what this spectacle of light will look like once it is finished.

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