Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

11.05.09 at 08:53 hrs

Weekly Report No 445, CW 19

From Monday, 04.05.2009 until Sunday, 10.05.2009

Many hands are busy working on projects for the airport section. We sampled the most important projects of last week for you.

Finished facade of the large parking garage

The large round parking garage is still a somewhat larger project for which Tina finished the facade during the last week.

Dirk paints bycicles

Since not only cars but also alternative vehicles will be seen in the airport area, Dirk is seen here as he paints small bycicles…

Parts for bycicle carts

… which have been assembled from many tiny parts; just to present…

Finished bycicle

…a finished bike which can be used to transport all the luggage needed for air travel. On second thought:…

Bycicle collection

…considering the number of finished bycicles, we should think of building a parking lot for them! :-)

Light masts for the airport station

The lights for the airport station have also been built in during the last week. Currently, the team works on the wiring because the platform lamps consist of several SMD LEDs which will be controlled individually.

Bascule bridge near the boat lift

A counterweight has now been added to the bridge near the boat lift which we introduced last week. It is, of course, still in the "raw" statdium but one can already imagine what this bridge will look like later on.

Gerhard in his office on a Monday morning

While others still rub their tired eyes on a Monday morning, Gerhard is already happily at work. Maybe he looks forward to a new airplane model?

Veiled Landwasser-viaduct

To conclude this report, here's a picture from the Swiss section. After more than one hundred years, the real Landwasser-Viaduct was renovated and therefore covered in red netting. So last week, our viaduct also dressed up in red. Only we shortened the "cover-up" to one week since model-time maintenance can be slightly faster than the original.

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