Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

04.05.09 at 13:35 hrs

Weekly Report No 444, CW 18

From Monday, 27.04.2009 until Sunday, 03.05.2009

After a long weekend, we can now start completely relaxed into a new week and present a new report.

Mobile generators for Knuffingen Airport

In order to supply grounded airplanes with electricity and compressed air, Sönke builds mobile generators. Seen in the picture are generators just out of the paint shops. They will now be fitted with more details and and a chassis.

Small collection of airport vehicles

During the last months we presented new prototypes of airport vehicles every now and then. Now, all those models are built in small series in order to have enough vehicles available for each airplane.

Room for Airport hotel

Bobby equips more and more rooms of the airport hotel with many small details. Since we cannot present each and every room,…

Room for Airport hotel

…we show a few overview pics. even in these pictures one can see how detailled Bobby designed the rooms.

Bridge near the boat lift

As we didn't plan as many bridges as, for instance, in the Swiss section, Gaston builds many small details. In order to have at least one of his bridges in this section, he currently builds a bridge close to the future boat lift. This bridge will certainly not be as spectacular as the ones in the older sections, but also not less prototypical.

Trackwork for the airport station

Wolfgang is laying track in the airport station before the lighting is going to be built in.

New cranes for the construction site in the Hamburg section

The older sections are of course not neglected and so new cranes were erected on the construction site in the Hamburg section. The "old" ones saw a lot of wear and tear due to heavy use and couldn't stand up any more to the daily work.

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