Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.04.09 at 11:00 hrs

Weekly Report No 443, CW 17

From Monday, 20.04.2009 until Sunday, 26.04.2009

This week we again show you some progress made in the airport section but will also make a short visit to the Harz section and have a look at the action there.

The decks of the parking garage are assembled

As already shown in the last report, our model builders are currently busy to assemble the large parking garage. Last week the road markers have been glued down. meanwhile, the decks are completed and have already been assembled.

The ramps are built

Now the ramps are missing which will be built and implemented during the next days.

The hotel also saw some changes to it.

The hotel also saw some changes to it. The model already looks quite convincing. The windows and facades are assembled and painted. The next step will be to add the missing details, as well as building in the room modules.

The first final airplane model

We have good news concerning the main actors in the airport section: the planes! The first final airplane model has just been painted, equipped with the nessessary CarSystem techniques,...

The plane is ready to be illuminated

...and is now standing in the electronic workshop to be illuminated.

Refurbishment of station Schwarzenburg

To conclude this report, we have a look at the Harz section. The platforms of Schwarzburg - station needed a complete makeover and so have been renewed.

New pedestrian bridge

The pedestrian bridge spanning the tracks has also been replaced with a new one. many parts, like railings, steps, and even structural columns were crakced or already broken,and so the security of our passengers couldn't be guaranteed any longer without this renovation project.

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