Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

22.04.09 at 08:10 hrs

Weekly Report No 442, CW 16

From Monday, 13.04.2009 until Sunday, 19.04.2009

As the last week had been a bit short, we actually don't have much model building to show you in this report. Nonetheless, some news emerged from the depths of the layout.

Baseboard for the ship lift

Now that all staging areas have been built in and wired in the left part of the airport section, the scenery structures have been started. In this picture you see the baseboard for the ship lift which will be constructed during the next weeks.

Large format parking markers

Once again the literally huge topic parking garage. In order not to get lost in this large building, there are road markers here, too. To avoid painting each single line in for every deck …

Parking markers

…we just this once use self-adhesive strips of tape and glue them down as parking space markers. A slight drawback is that one has to pay attention to avoiding small air bubbles and crinkles in the tape.

Airport station

Two weeks ago, Christian was busy to fit in the platforms. Now, the airport station waits to be illuminated. The first element of the platform safety lights can already bee seen at the edge of the front-most platform. The remaining technical parts will be added in the coming days.

Heidi and Peter with Granddad in the mountain pasture

Last week, Gaston was told that a visitor's child missed a little detail in the Swiss section. Heidi and Peter, based on the novels of Johanna Spyri, should please have their spot in the Miniatur Wunderland. Well, since Gaston definitely cannot deny a child's whish, he instantly got to work and added this detail to the Swiss mountains. Now Heidi, Peter, Grandpa, Klara, and many small goats gather in the mountain pasture at the stairs leading from the third to the fourth floor.

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