Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

16.04.09 at 09:42 hrs

Weekly Report No 441, CW 15

From Monday, 06.04.2009 until Sunday, 12.04.2009

Last week we already showed you some scenes of the airport hotel our model builders are currently working on.

A daily hotel room scene

Since the scenes shown so far picture more the extreme sides of hotel life, we today have a normal scene to show off.

Part of the hotel facade

The rooms and suites shown so far are now one by one implemented into the hotel building. The facade and detailling is, however, still under construction.

Aerial view of the airport hotel

A couple of parts for this building are still missing, like ,for instance, the lift shaft, air condition, and.…

Window frames for hotel windows

…the window frames which will now be built in. An example of the windows frames can already be seen at the upper left window.

Gaston's tunnel portal

The tunnel portals sit in the gleaming Easter sunlight and wait to be built in - However, bevor they go into the layout, their look will be enhanced a bit by using paint.

Carsystem electronic controls for the airport

During the last weeks the runway has been built in and now it is also wired. So now, the first test runs are about to be staged.

Gerhard adjusts the runway

As the runway has to be adjusted 100% for flawless funcionality (the bolts must not touch anywhere at the layout), Gerhard is seen here as he measures the clearance while…

Christian underneath the layout again

… Christian adjusts the baseplates according to his announcements. Unfortunately, this working step will have to be repeated several times as new ideas for this area come flowing in and therefore, the layout undergoes many changes.

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