Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

08.04.09 at 11:48 hrs

Weekly Report No 440, CW 14

Montag, 30.03.2009 bis Sonntag, 05.04.2009

This week we have of course some news compiled for you.

One of the first tunnel portals for the airport section

Last week Gaston could do his favorite and start building tuinnel portals for the airport section. There is, however, something special to this specific tunnel portal.

Sideview with open doors

This portal has doors at it's sides,…

Sideview with open doors

…in order to facillitate an eventual turnout exchange for our trackbuilder Wolfgang.

Gaston's current job

Gaston currently works on another tunnel portal with long retaining walls. More pictures of this portal will follow next week.

Car ramp for a parking garage

The parking garage also sees some progress. This is the just finished car ramp for a parking garage which now waits to be illuminated.

Honeymoon suite in the airport hotel

Last week we showed you the first beds for the airport hotel; meanwhile Bobby also finished the first suites with a lot of attention to details. This picture shows of course the honeymoon suite where sometimes, it will be a bit louder than usual. Directly underneath,…

Rockband rips up hotel room

…a rock band has a wild party going on.

CSI Knuffingen starts research at the crime scene

There are things and stories going on in the other rooms and suites, too.

Baggage conveyor

The vehicle park of the airport is constantly extpanded. Now, also baggage conveyor carts,…


…simple passenger gangways,…

Tractor with container cart

…and tractors with container carts await their duties.

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